[qubes-users] Qubes - SSH (soon VNC) into Qubes dom0 - Testers Wanted!

Encrypted, authenticated SSH or VNC into Qubes dom0 over an
authenticated Tor onion v3 service.

Only available in Qubes R4.1 and above.

User documentation:
Remote Administration - Whonix

Source code:
GitHub - QubesOS/qubes-remote-support

Development notes:
Dev/Qubes Remote Support - Whonix

Qubes ticket:
build and upload qubes-remote-support package · Issue #6364 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Qubes repository upload status:
remote-support v1.0.0-1 (r4.1) · Issue #2353 · QubesOS/updates-status · GitHub

x2go (VNC) support broken until upstream fix for issue flows to Qubes
R4.1 dom0:
remote-support v1.0.0-1 (r4.1) · Issue #2353 · QubesOS/updates-status · GitHub

Forum discussion:

This has been a shared project among Qubes and Whonix project.

- conceptual planning: Patrick Schleizer, Whonix, Marek
Marczykowski-Górecki, Qubes OS, Insurgo
- command line backend utilities, Whonix integration: Patrick Schleizer,
- graphical user interface (GUI), Qubes Remote Support GUI: Marta
Marczykowska-Górecka (Qubes OS)

Gratitude is expressed to NLnet for funding this functionality as part
of accessible security project!

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