[qubes-users] Qubes OS 4.1 to receive extended security support until 2024-07-31

Dear Qubes Community,

Qubes OS 4.1 will reach official end-of-life (EOL) on 2024-06-18. After this date, Qubes OS 4.1 will continue to receive extended security support until 2024-07-31. This security support extension is sponsored by [Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF)](https://freedom.press/) in support of the [SecureDrop](https://securedrop.org/) project.

## What's happening?

According to the Qubes OS Project's [release support policy](Supported releases | Qubes OS), Qubes OS releases are supported for six months after each subsequent [major or minor release](Version scheme | Qubes OS). This means that Qubes 4.1 will reach EOL six months after Qubes 4.2 was released. Since Qubes 4.2 was [released](Qubes OS 4.2.0 has been released! | Qubes OS) on 2023-12-18, Qubes 4.1 is [scheduled](Qubes OS 4.1 reaches EOL on 2024-06-18 | Qubes OS) to reach EOL six months later on 2024-06-18.

[SecureDrop](https://securedrop.org/) currently relies on Qubes 4.1 for the [SecureDrop Workstation](https://workstation.securedrop.org/). To allow for additional time to ensure full compatibility of the SecureDrop Workstation with Qubes 4.2, and to help existing users migrate, FPF has offered to sponsor an extension of post-EOL Qubes 4.1 security support until 2024-07-31, and the Qubes OS Project has agreed.

## What does extended security support cover?

The [Qubes security team](Qubes OS project security center | Qubes OS) will continue to publish [Qubes security bulletins (QSBs)](Qubes security bulletins (QSBs) | Qubes OS) and release security updates for security vulnerabilities affecting Qubes 4.1, as it deems appropriate, until 2024-07-31. Extended security support does *not* cover regular bug fixes, improvements, or the implementation of new features.

In short, if you currently have a Qubes 4.1 installation that serves your needs, you may safely continue to use it until 2024-07-31, but we strongly recommend [upgrading to Qubes 4.2](How to upgrade to Qubes 4.2 | Qubes OS) by that date.

## What's involved in extending security support for Qubes 4.1?

Extending support for a Qubes release is more challenging than it might seem on the surface. Here are some of the main considerations involved:

1. *Xen support*: Official support for Xen 4.14 has already ended, which means that backporting Xen-related security fixes will require more work than usual.

2. *Template support*: Qubes 4.1 supports Debian 11, which has quite old software. This is known to cause problems and to require workarounds (e.g., with `salt` and `app-u2f`). There will be no Fedora 40 template for Qubes 4.1, but that's okay since Fedora 39 doesn't reach EOL until November.

3. *Other dom0 software*: Qubes 4.1's dom0 is based on Fedora 32, which is now quite old. If we end up having to backport any fixes here (e.g., due to an RPM or GPG bug), it may be quite complicated.

4. *Whonix support*: Any extension of the support period for a Qubes release must also take into consideration Whonix support. Previously, [Whonix 16 reached EOL](Whonix 16 approaching EOL | Qubes OS) even though Qubes 4.1 has not yet reached EOL. Whonix 17 did not support Qubes 4.1 at the time, which meant users on Qubes 4.1 were at risk of being left without any supported way to continue using Whonix. The Whonix and Qubes teams successfully bridged this gap by [making Whonix 17 available on Qubes 4.1](Whonix 17 templates available for Qubes OS 4.1 | Qubes OS). Now, Qubes 4.1 will receive extended security support, which will require a commensurate extension of security support for Whonix 17 on Qubes 4.1. FPF and the Whonix Project have arranged for the required Whonix 17 support extension to be included with the Qubes 4.1 extension, so Whonix 17 security support on Qubes 4.1 will continue until 2024-07-31.

This announcement is also available on the Qubes website:

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