[qubes-users] Qubes Installer needs update (Part 1 of 3)


The Qubes Installer for 4.0.3 has some severe bugs (it seems to me):
I installed Quebes OS 4.0 for the third time, so I should have a littel experience by now:
The only difference from last install I could remember was:
1) I installed on a M.2 SSD instead of a harddisk
2) I put the German keyboard on top of the English

Installation succeeded quikly without a problem, but when booting, the system does not come up. Most notably because it does not ask for the password of the LUKS partition that holds the VG.

I'll attach screen shots that show what the user can see. My suspect is that it's the German keyboard that is missing in the initrd, failing the password input.

First I capture what can be seen when no password prompt appears; catching the actual error was trickier. After the repeating dracut messages there didn't seem to happen anything more.