[qubes-users] Qubes-certified NovaCustom NV41 Series laptop now available with Heads firmware

Dear Qubes Community,

Last year, we [announced](The NovaCustom NV41 Series laptop is Qubes-certified! | Qubes OS) that the [NovaCustom NV41 Series](https://novacustom.com/product/nv41-series/) became a [Qubes-certified computer](Certified hardware | Qubes OS) for Qubes OS 4. We noted in the announcement that the NV41 Series came with [Dasharo](https://www.dasharo.com/) [coreboot](https://www.coreboot.org/) open-source firmware.

We are now pleased to announce that the NV41 Series is also available with [Heads firmware](https://osresearch.net/). When you [configure your NV41 Series](https://novacustom.com/product/nv41-series/), you can now choose either Dasharo coreboot+EDK-II (default) or Dasharo coreboot+Heads for the firmware. Both options are certified for Qubes OS 4. This makes the NV41 Series the first modern Qubes-certified computer available with Heads!

Current NV41 Series owners who wish to change from Dasharo coreboot+EDK-II to the Heads firmware version can [buy the Dasharo Entry Subscription](Dasharo Entry Subscription - NovaCustom) for an easy transition to Heads.

This announcement is also available on the Qubes website: