[qubes-users] Qubes 4.0 Simple Windows HVM Install doesn't seem to work

I am stuck at

    • Click “Boot from CDROM”:
      • “from file in qube”:
        • Select the qube that has the ISO.
        • Select ISO by clicking “…”.
      • Click “OK” to boot into the windows installer.
  • Windows Installer:
    • Mostly as usual, but automatic reboots will halt the qube - just restart it again and again until the installation is finished.

    • Install on first disk.

When I attempt to boot from the iso in another qube, it pops up two windows, first what appears to be the windows installer, then a blank terminal that seems unresponsive. I believe the process is borked but it shouldn’t be? It’s pretty simple yet doesn’t seem to work for me. What do I do?