[qubes-users] QSB-081: x86: MMIO Stale Data vulnerabilities (XSA-404)

Dear Qubes Community,

We have just published Qubes Security Bulletin (QSB) 081: x86: MMIO
Stale Data vulnerabilities (XSA-404). The text of this QSB is reproduced
below. This QSB and its accompanying signatures will always be available
in the Qubes Security Pack (qubes-secpack).

View QSB-081 in the qubes-secpack:

<qubes-secpack/qsb-081-2022.txt at master · QubesOS/qubes-secpack · GitHub>

In addition, you may wish to:

- Get the qubes-secpack: <Qubes security pack (qubes-secpack) | Qubes OS>
- View all past QSBs: <Qubes security bulletins (QSBs) | Qubes OS>
- View the XSA Tracker: <Xen security advisory (XSA) tracker | Qubes OS>


              ---===[ Qubes Security Bulletin 081 ]===---


             x86: MMIO Stale Data vulnerabilities (XSA-404)

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