[qubes-users] Problems with Timesynchronization

Hello community,

I do have issues with the timesychronization of VMs in my Qubes OS 4.1.1 system.

I was reading the information provided in [1] - and - verified that ‘sys-net’ is my clock VM.

However I was not able to resolve my issues …

Here are the logs:

[vr@dom0 ~]$ qubes-prefs clockvm
[vr@dom0 ~]$

[user@sys-net ~]$
[user@sys-net ~]$ timedatectl
Local time: Sat 2022-07-23 19:54:36 CEST
Universal time: Sat 2022-07-23 17:54:36 UTC
RTC time: Sat 2022-07-23 17:54:36
Time zone: Europe/Berlin (CEST, +0200)
System clock synchronized: no
NTP service: inactive
RTC in local TZ: no
[user@sys-net ~]$

[user@sys-net ~]$
[user@sys-net ~]$ systemctl restart systemd-timesyncd
[user@sys-net ~]$
[user@sys-net ~]$
[user@sys-net ~]$ systemctl status systemd-timesyncd
○ systemd-timesyncd.service - Network Time Synchronization
Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-timesyncd.service; enabled>
Drop-In: /usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-timesyncd.service.d
Active: inactive (dead)
Condition: start condition failed at Sat 2022-07-23 20:06:48 CEST; 14s ago
└─ ConditionPathExists=/var/run/qubes-service/clocksync was not met
Docs: man:systemd-timesyncd.service(8)
lines 1-8/8 (END)

[user@sys-net ~]$

[user@sys-net ~]$
[user@sys-net ~]$ cd /var/run/qubes-service
[user@sys-net qubes-service]$ ls
network-manager qubes-network qubes-updates-proxy
qubes-firewall qubes-update-check
[user@sys-net qubes-service]$

Do you have any advice on how to continue from here - or - what else to check?

With kind regards,


Hello Community,

No advice / feedback at all ?

Did you check any system errors during the update?

Can you please comment on how it is possible, that
"ConditionPathExists=/var/run/qubes-service/clocksync was not met" - and -
ideally, how to resolve that issue.

That suggests that you do not have the clocksync service enabled.
Set it with `qvm-service --enable QUBE clocksync` or `qvm-features QUBE service.clocksync 1`