[qubes-users] problems with rc3 and rc4 of 4.2


I have a Lenovo thinkpad P15 gen2, currrently with Windows 11 installed.
I am trying to install Qubes 4.2 RC on it, using an Scandisk USB stick that has been prepared with the latest Ventoy 1.0.96 (Ventoy).

With the RC3 iso, the boot process starts until it reaches the 16th line of feedback messages:
“[ OK ] Reached target Basic System”
there is no further output/rreaction beyond that line.

With rc4, regardless which of the four grub menu option i choose, i get the message:
error: shim… lock protocl not found.
error: you need to load the kernel first
error: you need to load the kernel first [sic!]

Press any key to cotinue…

I hope that helps.
All the best and good luck

Sorry, the described problem came from secure boot no tbeing disabled (I thoiught i had read somewhere that this is not necessary in 4.2, bu ti most probably got this wrong).
Now, with secure boot disabled, i see considerable progress:

  • when trying the last grub option with the latest kernel, i get a anaconda50 error in line19:
    the error messages suggests that the inst.stage2 or inst.repo boot parameters are missing
  • when trying just the second (default) option in the grub menu (test medium and start), i can access the GUI installation program. Here i see the following problems:
    – minor: all help options seem to be still empty
    – while i can select all needed options in th eleft column (keyboard, time zone, users/passwords), and i can choose the target partition as well,
    selecting the source seems to be tricky. I see the name of the usb ISO: LABEL=QUBES-R4-2-0-RC4-X86-64 however, the check (German: überprüfen) button right to it seems to have no effect.
    Also, when I leave that option by choosing the blue finished (german: fertig) button on the tope left, after a short checking again i see the triangle that there is something to be changed.
    Also, the software selection below that option is not selectable but also has a triangle attached to it.
    i was not able to solve these problems.

When I instead tried to install version 4.1.-2, i was able to run thru all the installation. the installation source medium was recognised instantly and i did not see any triangle (a problem must have been introduced here between 4.1-2 and 4.2-rc4).
However, as my target for my qubes installation was a 1TB WD Red external sata ssd drive, i expected to be able to boot into it by using the thinkpad F12 boot manager menu. indeed, after rebboting and pressing F12, i was able to select the ssd like always, but it had no eeffect, so i was not able to boot from that device.

I hope that helps.
As mentioned, I have a Lenovo thinkpad P12 2nd generation.

All the best

ok, i found now a way to install 4.2-rc4:

While the automatic detection of th einstallation source, that used to work in 4.1-2 did not work,
the new option to install from an iso (one needs to first choose a drive, then find the directory where the iso is stored on that drive, finally select the iso)
did work, even from an nts drive, quite impressive!
after selecting the iso, i still needed to install the software. i am a bit puzzled: there is no choice, only one option, but i had to confirm it anyway.
after then choosing my target drive, the installaiton ran without problems, like with version 4.1-2

Again, at the end the boot from the external ss that i had selected as installation target did not work with the F12 bootmenu from the lebovo thinkpad p15,
however. i checked that this also does not work with other linix installations, so it is no error from qubes but a limitation in the bios of the p15 i guess.
Thank you for listening.

all the best