[qubes-users] Problem upgrading to 4.1.1. - computer freezes

Dear all,

I was running on Qubes OS 4.1 with kernel 5.10.112

After updating with the Qubes Update Tool, my computer did not reboot anymore - it froze at the point when the password for the system needs to be entered. I still have the previous version, so I can still boot into the system with version 4.1.

As a second step I tried to update via command line in dom0 as suggested here (qubes-os.org/doc/upgrade/4.1):

sudo qubes-dom0-update -y qubes-dist-upgrade

Yet I get as error message: No match found for argument: qubes-dist-upgrade

Any idea how to debug this? When I boot into the old version, I will not learn from the logs. I am stuck.

Do I need a complete re-install?


Dell XPS 15

Intel Core i7-11800H




You are in the current version of Qubes. You don’t need to upgrade to another fedora version as it is in 32. This might be Intel ME thing to crash your PC. A full complete reinstallation is NOT required for your PC as you need to try many times in order to work. The logs that output is well-normal at this point on because of older components needs time to recognize and train overtime. However, it will cause your PC to slow down. Are you sure that the Intel ME in your PC turned on?