[qubes-users] Pertino compatibility

Any thoughts on Pertino compatibility?

256bit AES encrypted tunnel..not sure on the ETA of a native linux version of Pertino, it currently supports Windows and Mac.

I didn’t found sources and FSF-compatible license. May I ask you to you provide links?

Well this is their download page:


Only a beta version for Mac. I've contacted them for ETA on linux port

Compatibility with what? Isn't it userspace software which would run inside (an) AppVM(s) and therefore be Qubes/Xen-unaware?

Not sure, my Qubes system isn't operational...has anyone tried using Pertino in Qubes? Does it work?

If it will run on linux (fedora 18 64bit), then it is compatible.


I guess there is not a sigle qubes user who will trust such a service...
This - and all such kind of stuff - is not for the security minded ones.

Actually this is for noobs who can't even set up a VPN tunnel. Instead
blindly trust a random binary application, and a company to make some
so called "secure cloud network". Oh and of course you have to pay for
this solution :slight_smile: