[qubes-users] PCI Passthrough to Standalone VM

Goal: Nvidia GPU in Standalone Windows VM

Windows 10; Qubes 4.1

Security is not a concern - this is a developers configuration.

I see lots of forums and discussions and some people who claim they’ve done it but I have no luck finding good instruction.

PC: Alienware x17 r2; Nvidia 3080

It is extremely important to me to figure this out.

Can anyone point me in a good direction??


I do not need specifically PCI passthrough. I am simply seeking to use the GPU in different VM’s, especially a Windows VM.

I am not totally opposed to building the drivers into dom0, but I would prefer something better.

I just found the documentation on a sys-gui qubes. Maybe this is the solution? I would really like to put solid effort towards getting this nvidia card operational in VM’s…