[qubes-users] Nitropad X230 with Qubes 4.1

Hello everyone, I am using the Nitropad X230 with the latest 4.0 Qubes installed.

In the conversation with Thierry Laurion here https://groups.google.com/g/qubes-users/c/KsY46D55UQM/m/F3cQ-89KBQAJ it seemed that at that time the Nitropad X230 was not ready to transit to Qubes 4.1.

This part of the conversation actually: Heads will need to be reflashed with a ROM supporting cryptsetup2 to reinstall. Heada will also need to be based on coreboot 4.13+ as per pending Heads pull request 1015.

Consider this as a beta testing ROM.

Is the situation different now with rc4, or is it advisable to wait till the transition will be ready?

Thank you!

Nitropad will need to provide you an upgrade path that supports Cryptsetup2 in order to move to QubesOs 4.1

Alternatively, you could flash a current version of the X230 heads firmware (which uses 4.13 and cryptsetup2) by building this yourself from source, or grabbing a prebuilt bin from the Heads CircleCI https://app.circleci.com/pipelines/github/osresearch/heads - the hardware is still an X230.

However you need to consider if Nitropad would support your product were you to do this.