[qubes-users] Need to safely reduce lvm volume: Don't want to lose pruned monero blockchain

Hello all,

Attached is a screenshot of relevant lvs output. The crypto-xmr-throwaway volume is not actually that size, it was originally sized to that to download the monero blockchain via cli and then to allow for a pruned version to be made.

Qubes Version: 4.0 (verified via qubes manager)

Problem: I want lvm space back without bricking the qube and having to restore the qube from a backup. sudo lvs shows that crypto-xmr-throwaway volume are oversized, despite deleting a 105GB file from the qube (yes i checked the trash to be sure).

Attempted solutions: Attempted to reduce VM size (nukes the .bitmonero hidden folder that contains the blockchains; tried backing up the pruned blockchain to veracrypted SSD, then copying said blockchain+assorted files to a new qube (input/output error when trying to copy pruned blockchain back over to new qube),

Current solution to be attempted: Create a new qube and move the blockchain+monero files over to a new qube and hope it works out.

Ask: How can I reduce or trim the lvm volume crypto-xmr-throwaway to something around 50gb without breaking anything? Alternatively: how can I safely transfer over the pruned blockchain without breaking anything.

I’ll report back if my attempt at fixing works. Otherwise please help me out if you can. Thank you.