[qubes-users] Mount private appvm volumes to dom0 or access directly


My qubes os system got stucked at “Started Accounts Service.” and I want to backup the /home date on different qubes to an external usb medium.

I’ve found this link:

So that gives a me a clue that private volumes can be accessed and mounted.
Where or on what directory are private volumes stored? How can I access them directly from a dom0 terminal? How can I mount them to a dom0 directory?

Thank you very much

You can find the private volumes under /dev/qubes_dom0.
You can mount them directly from there, (although these are actually
links to volumes under /dev/ itself. Try , e.g
ls -l /dev/qubes_dom0/vm-work-private .

You can simply mount these like you would mount *any* volume:
sudo mount /dev/qubes_dom0/vm-work-private /mnt

Hello unman

Thanks a lot!
My qubes system crashed in an (apparently) unrecoverable way and I could recover every bit of data.
Now I will just have to reinstall and that’s it!