[qubes-users] i915 driver problems

Hello, I wonder if some of you guys have the bad luck of an i915
graphics card and found some solutions. For me, no >= 5.4 xen kernel
works (freezes). So I still run it on 4.19 :slight_smile:

I first thought this to be an "evolution problem" since I use and update
Q4 since its beta state. So I tried a new install on a new disc, but
that fails even before finishing install, freezing as well :frowning:

Even a plain "live debian" freezes from time to time with i915 errors,
which gives a clue where the problem comes from.

Is there maybe a way to tweak the installer? Thanks,

best, Bernhard

I do have freezes and crashes with the 5.4 kernel and have to use 4.19 consequently. But I don't know what causes it. How did you determine that it's the i915 driver in your case?

Sad for you, but I am kind of happy that I am not alone :slight_smile: Maybe you add
your experience to my bug report

  random freeze / crashes using 5.4.x and 5.10.x kernels · Issue #6397 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

as well? Sometimes I need a vanilla debian (life system on usb) to
uefi-debug / emergencybackup. And even that one hangs from time to time,
by spitting out a last word

  [drm:intel_cpu_fifo_underrun_irq_handler [i915]] ERROR CPU pipe A FIFO

Since the std debian is very stable and much less complex than xen +
qubes, I take that as a hint (badly enough, when qubes freezes happen,
qubes dies faster than kernel logs are written, so I have no other
starting point anyways).

For these reasons, my suspicion was early on the i915 driver. Also, i915
seems known problematic from 5.x kernels onwards any kind of other
linuxes (google it).

  cheers, Bernhard

P.S: my chipset is an intel 620 [8086:5917] rev 07.

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Sound worth a trial (easily reversible, right?) Which version did you
install? And how find out the version of firmware installed? Thx, Bernhard

Sound like my problem: kernels above 5.4.88 freeze/crash. Would be great if we could isolate the troublemaker and fix the problem.


You can check driver and firmware version with:
[root@dom0]# modinfo i915

Do you simply use working (i.e. old) driver/fw binaries with a recent kernel, or did you patch/install from source?


Wicked! That is very smart, thank you for the lesson! I am fighting
since 7 months with it without having had that simple & brilliant idea
:slight_smile: best, Bernhard

The current Intel driver, which does not work for me, is
Just use dnf to uninstall it.

actually Q4.0.4 ships with


which does not work for me either.

The one I installed using dnf is
and this does work OK.

this one is from Q4.0.1, qhereas Q4.0.0 ships


So you confirm that you install it in dom0 via

sudo dnf install xorg..whatever.rpm

(that requires deleting kernel-latest-qubes-vm, if present). Then you
need to do an update-grub or something similar to build the downgraded
version in the respective initramfs ???