[qubes-users] How to use lvms from a disk with a valid Qubes installation as qubes in another Qubes pc?

In my desktop Qubes system the mainboard died. So I bought a new one. Unfortunately I didn’t make a backup for some days.
After building the new hardware system my Qubes installation from the old ssd doesn’t start there.
(Somehow the system freezes or at least the keyboard is being switched off just before I have to input the disk password.)

So I created a new Qubes installation on an USB stick, which works quite well in the new system (both are Qubes 4.1.)
Running this new installation I can still access my old ssd. I see all the lvms from my old installation (I have around 100 qubes, so about 250 lvms).
I can rename the vg, activate and mount each lvm and access all data. But I cannot use the lvms as qubes. They don’t appear with qvm-ls.

How can I make use of these lvms?

I want to have them recognized as qubes. Then I want to make a full Qubes backup off all my cubes. And after a new Qubes installation I want to restore them.
I could backup the lvms in a non Qubes way. But then again I would have the problem to make them known as qubes to my new system.

I read all the documentation, especially “How to back up, restore, and migrate”, “How to mount a Qubes partition from another OS” and “Secondary storage”.
But this didn’t answer my questions. I can access the data but I cannot use the old qubes as qubes in a new system.

How can this be accomplished?

Any help is highly appreciated.

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