[qubes-users] Help Needed - Qubes OS Installation Error with LUKS

Dear Qubes Community,

I trust this message finds you all in good health. I’m reaching out to seek your assistance regarding a perplexing issue that has arisen during my Qubes OS installation.

During the Qubes OS installation process, I encounter an unexpected challenge. After reaching the point where LUKS is created on dev/nvme0n1p4, an error occurs with the installation. However, contrary to my expectations, I am not prompted to input a passphrase. Instead, I’m presented with the following error message:
“An error occurred while activating your storage configuration: Failed to activate device: Incorrect passphrase.”

This situation has left me puzzled, as I assumed I would be required to enter a passphrase during installation.

I kindly request your guidance and expertise to help me understand and resolve this issue. Any insights or suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

As a reference, I’ve recorded the entire installation process. The error appears at approximately 2 minutes and 25 seconds into the recording: https://youtu.be/fur5ilL0OYE?feature=shared

Thank you for your valuable assistance in clarifying this matter.

Best regards,
Daniel Samani

Did you reuse an older partition having a LUKS partition without “reclaiming” it? In order for you to install using an old LUKS partition without overwriting a new files stem it would need to know the key, but the installer may not be set up to ask for it. Just a guess.