[qubes-users] HCL - VAIO Corporation VAIO Z VJZ131

Dear the Qubes OS community,

Here is my HCL report on VAIO Z VJZ131 (introduced in 2016-02, discontinued).
Thank you so much for your excellent work!

Fedora 32 TemplateVM and Windows 10 StandaloneVM are tested. The
desktop environment is Xfce.

File transfer and clipboard sharing between qubes work.

Firefox 82 on Fedora works smoothly. Playing H.264 videos on YouTube
works after installing mozilla-openh264 in TemplateVM.

2FA using U2F proxy works with YubiKey 5 NFC (Type-A) on Google and
Mastodon, while it sometimes fails to authenticate.
I restarted sys-usb, re-launched Firefox, and authenticated repeatedly
until it succeeded.
One sys-usb restart + one Firefox re-launch and 2-3 authentication
retries are needed to login in typical.

Best regards,

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Qubes-HCL-VAIO_Corporation-VJZ131-20201108-105214.yml (1.44 KB)