[qubes-users] HCL - TONGFANG GK5CN6Z

I attach the report… This laptop is sold in many variants by many resellers mine is branded Pc Specialist Recoil 2 … It is also called XMG Neo 15 …

Whats working: Basically everything: the screen, keyboard(with rgb and every controller), touchpad(should be noted it doesn’t work in installer probably because the kernel is old since this touchpad doesn’t work with kernel lower then 4.15), speakers, mic, CPU, USB’s, Gtx 1060(its recognized).

Whats not working: Webcam (but I don’t need it)

Qubes-HCL-PC_Specialist_LTD-Recoil_II-20210703-161714.yml (985 Bytes)

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Mb i didn’t add the ‘YES’ in works section of the yml file above …

Qubes-HCL-PC_Specialist_LTD-Recoil_II-20210703-161714.yml (974 Bytes)

Thank you Muhammad for your HCL report, which is now part of this pull request:

... and will be visible on the website soon!


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