[qubes-users] HCL - ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 (AMD)

Running 4.1.1, but had to downgrade kernel to kernel-510, otherwise I kept getting lockups and random reboots. sys-net has kernel-latest (6.0.2) because the wireless nic is not supported until 5.16 (I added the name from lspci into the pasted yml manually).

Sleep doesn’t seem to work. LUKS prompt does not show input, but does work.

(Attachment Qubes-HCL-LENOVO-20UES3Q301-20221201-121805.cpio.gz is missing)

Qubes-HCL-LENOVO-20UES3Q301-20221201-121805.yml (971 Bytes)


Thank you Korhojoa for your report, which is [online](Hardware compatibility list (HCL) | Qubes OS) now!