[qubes-users] HCL report motherboard MSI MEG x670e ACE

Here is my HCL report for the motherboard MSI MEG x670e ACE.

Booting even the installer works only with the x2apic=false flag set in both xen and linux lines in grub. Automatic creation of networking related qubes (sys-firewall and sys-net) during first configuration after install crashes the pc.
Displayport is working, video seems to be working at least from an initial test. Usb devices work and attach successfully to qubes.
Creation of new qubes works.
Will have to attempt to manually create networking qubes and report back.
I should also note that the motherboard is running a beta bios version due to a problem with vsoc voltage being set too high and not properly capped leading sometimes to frying 7000 series cpus with expo profiles enabled.
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Qubes-HCL-Micro_Star_International_Co___Ltd_-MS_7D69-20230602-065754.yml (1.26 KB)

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Thank you rickyjumb for your HCL report, which is not visible on the website yet but already [committed](Add MSI MEG x670 ACE by rickyjumb from 6/2/23 · QubesOS/qubes-hcl@17c1200 · GitHub) to the `qubes-hcl` repository. It'll show soon.

Sorry for the delay.


Now it's online: Hardware compatibility list (HCL) | Qubes OS