[qubes-users] HCL - Dell XPS 13 (L322X)

Hey folks,

Finally got around to a longstanding todo of checking out the current
state of Qubes OS, and I'm quite pleased so far. I've installed it on
the new XPS 13 and it works nicely.

Wireless is dodgy here for reasons unrelated to Qubes so I added a USB
ethernet dongle without issue using the instructions in "Assigning
Devices to VMs".

I've also setup a Windows 7 VM without issue.

Haven't gotten VT-d working; Dell's claiming the chipset doesn't
support it, but http://ark.intel.com/products/64336/ says otherwise.
We'll see how that goes.

HCL report attached.


(Attachment Qubes-HCL-Dell_Inc._-Dell_System_XPS_L322X-20130917.txt is missing)

Although the CPU and chipset do support VT-d, it is possible that the BIOS and/or firmware do not. You may wish to ask Dell, but they probably do not know. Good luck.

Yup, that's my concern, though Dell does (I think) package up their
own BIOS updates, so maybe they'll have something up their sleeve.

Thanks, will post here if it works out.