[qubes-users] HCL - Dell Precision 5540


I’m successfully running Qubes on the model with i7-9750 CPU and and Nvidia T1000 for about a month. Everything seems to be mostly working, although I’m not using the discrete graphics at all (only the Intel UHD 630).

One thing I had to do to get the installer working was to tweak the UEFI by adding noexitboot / mapbs.

Note: Currently there seem to be some issues with the kernel-latest, as described in https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/6311. Switching to the LTS kernel seems to be working - not sure if it has 100% support for the CPU/chipset, it seems to be a bit noisier but hard to say.


Qubes-HCL-Dell_Inc_-Precision_5540-20210102-211604.yml (782 Bytes)

(Attachment Qubes-HCL-Dell_Inc_-Precision_5540-20210102-211604.cpio.gz is missing)

Actually one more thing - to get the suspend working, I had to add this to xen.cfg (to the “kernel” line)