[qubes-users] HCL - cirrus7 nimbini v3 (NUC12WSHv5)

Here's my review of the cirrus7 nimbini v3, which is largely based on the Intel NUC 12 (NUC12WSHv5). QubesOS with the "kernel latest" option runs great. Most importantly, it is a dream to work on a fanless computer that still runs completely silent under heavy load despite various Qubes running in parallel including several standalone machines.

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I forgot to attach the yml file. Sorry!

Qubes-HCL-Intel_R__Client_Systems-NUC12WSHv5-20230524-223156.yml (667 Bytes)

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After more than a week of intensive use, I haven't noticed any problems so far. The "cirrus7 nimbini v3" (or presumably all NUC12WSHv5) seemed to be suitable hardware for anyone who wants to use QubesOS as a desktop system.
Do I still have to submit something to be included in the HCl or do I just need some more patience :wink:
Kind regards from an enthusiastic QubesOS fan :slight_smile:

It's not you, it's me. Super busy. Will take care soon.


Thank you Eichennarr for your HCL report. It's not on the website yet due to a little technical hick up but I [committed](Add Cirrus7 Nimbini v3 by Eichennarr from 5/24/23 ยท QubesOS/qubes-hcl@3cef301 ยท GitHub) it into the `qubes-hcl` repository. So it'll show up very soon. Sorry for the delay.


Now it's online: Hardware compatibility list (HCL) | Qubes OS