[qubes-users] HCL - ASUS Vivobook X1503ZA

Qubes-HCL-ASUSTeK_COMPUTER_INC_-Vivobook_ASUSLaptop_X1503ZA_X1503ZA-20230821-105329.cpio.gz (11.3 KB)

I had to disable both intel VDM and secure boot via UEFI/BIOS to make the installation start.

Everything seems to work fine But:

1- wake from suspend is not working even after i followed the documentation’s potential fix (screen stays blank until hard reset/shutdown)
2- TPM status is not found in the .yml, not sure if it’s due to lack of TPM 2.0 support as i didn’t test the TPM manually.

I apologize as I have not included the .yml file in the first post so here it’s in this post

If any further information is needed please inform me

Qubes-HCL-ASUSTeK_COMPUTER_INC_-Vivobook_ASUSLaptop_X1503ZA_X1503ZA-20230821-105329.yml (844 Bytes)

Thank you Gandalfen for your HCL report, which is online now:


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