[qubes-users] HCL: Acer-Aspire_A515_43 AMD Ryzen 3


Attached the result of 'sudo qubes-hcl-report -s VM'. The support files
should be free of identifying information. I run the files to filter:

"cat $FILE | sed '/Serial Number/d' \

sed '/UUID/d' \
sed '/Device Serial Number/d' \

If I haven't missed anything, then maybe that could be incorporated
into qubes-hcl-report.

I don't use this laptop for daily work. It's just a test machine to get
the grips on Qubes-OS. So if I leaked information it doesn't matter.

The Hardware requirement should be changed to:

RAM: >= 16GB / recommended 32GB
CPU: >= 4 cores AMD / Intel (preferable AMD)
Storage: 64GB

That's what I think after testing Qubes-OS with real data (test
installation size close to 200GB) for a couple of weeks.

(Attachment Qubes-HCL-Acer-Aspire_A515_43-20200914-121254.cpio.gz is missing)

Qubes-HCL-Acer-Aspire_A515_43-20200914-121254.yml (1.94 KB)