[qubes-users] gnome flatpaks in VMs incompatible with nvidia/nouveau in dom0?


I recently switched my laptop/dom0 installation from the intel to the nvidia/nouveau graphics card included.

I have been running task/app dedicated VMs without having to install all software into the corresponding minimal templates by augmenting them with user-level flatpaks.

For gnome apps (evolution from flathub in particular) this has broken through the switch to nvidia/nouveau - see this: https://discourse.flathub.org/t/after-transition-to-nvidia-card-nouveau-fedora-34-flatpak-evolution-fails-to-display-messages-with-webkit-error/2375

All I can find online is how to fix such problems by installing the org.freedesktop.GL.mvidia* package that correspond to the driver running on the host system, but I find NOTHING on how to deal with this when using nouveau drivers.

Does anybody have any insight into this?

The evolution/flathub folks sent me on to Webkit itself (https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=238445), but THANKS to QubesOS’ infrastructure I solved the problem for now: moved from fedora-34 to debian-11 as the base distribution for the underlying template/image et voila - problem magically goes away.