[qubes-users] Global value for the paramater "revisions_to_keep"


I had a hard time cause I didn’t notice the pool memory was running out of space because of the accumulation of snapshot revisions.

I actually don’t need 2 snapshots for most of my qubes and I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to set a global value so those qubes don’t fill up my disk with “garbage” but I haven’t found anything neither at the corresponding wiki ( https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/volume-backup-revert/) nor any other relevant result on google.

It also would be useful to know if there is a fast way to just delete all revisions all at once without affecting the main qube.

Thanks in advance for any help


You can list your pools with `qvm-pool`. And list options for a pool with (where my pool is pool00) `qvm-pool info pool00`. Then you can set `revisions_to_keep` for a pool like `qvm-pool set -o revisions_to_keep=0 pool00`.

I'm not sure if this will work retroactively on already created volumes, but should be applied to all new ones going forward.


Thanks Thomas! That was of big help :smiley:
I haven’t checked if that works retroactively… anyway though, to rapidly free some memory up and recover the system I just deleted all revisions with “lvremove /dev/qubes/dom0/*-back” (responding myself to the second question on my previous mail).