[qubes-users] Fedora 37 approaching EOL

Dear Qubes Community,

Fedora 37 is currently [scheduled](Fedora Linux 39 Schedule: Key) to reach EOL ([end-of-life](End of Life Releases :: Fedora Docs)) on 2023-11-21. We strongly recommend that all users [upgrade](Fedora templates | Qubes OS) their Fedora templates and standalones to [Fedora 38](Fedora 38 templates available | Qubes OS) before then. For more information, see [Upgrading to avoid EOL](How to update | Qubes OS).

There are two ways to upgrade your template to a new Fedora release:

- *Recommended*: [Install a fresh template to replace the existing one.](Fedora templates | Qubes OS) *This option may be simpler for less experienced users.* After you install the new template, redo all desired template modifications and [switch everything that was set to the old template to the new template](Templates | Qubes OS). You may want to write down the modifications you make to your templates so that you remember what to redo on each fresh install. To see a log of package manager actions, open a terminal in the old Fedora template and use the `dnf history` command.

- *Advanced*: [Perform an in-place upgrade of an existing Fedora template.](How to upgrade a Fedora template in-place | Qubes OS) This option will preserve any modifications you've made to the template, *but it may be more complicated for less experienced users.*

For a complete list of template releases that are supported for your specific Qubes release, see our [supported template releases](Supported releases | Qubes OS). Please note that no user action is required regarding the OS version in dom0 (see our [note on dom0 and EOL](Supported releases | Qubes OS)).

This announcement is also available on the Qubes website:


Wondering about "Dom0 upgraded to Fedora 37 (#6982[Issues · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub])":
Is it planned to upgrade before final release?


No, please see our note on dom0 and EOL: