[qubes-users] Fedora 36 reaches EOL on 2023-05-16

Dear Qubes Community,

The Fedora Project has [announced](Fedora Linux 36 going end of life on 2023-05-16 - announce - Fedora Mailing-Lists) that Fedora 36 will reach EOL ([end-of-life](End of Life Releases :: Fedora Docs)) on 2023-05-16. We strongly recommend that all users [upgrade](Fedora templates | Qubes OS) their Fedora templates and standalones to [Fedora 37](Fedora 37 templates available | Qubes OS) no later than 2023-05-16.

We provide fresh Fedora 37 template packages through the official Qubes repositories, which you can install in dom0 by following the standard [installation instructions](Fedora templates | Qubes OS). Alternatively, we also provide step-by-step instructions for [performing an in-place upgrade](How to upgrade a Fedora template in-place | Qubes OS) of an existing Fedora template. After upgrading your templates, please remember to [switch all qubes that were using the old template to use the new one](Templates | Qubes OS).

For a complete list of template releases that are supported for your specific Qubes release, see our [supported template releases](Supported releases | Qubes OS).

Please note that no user action is required regarding the OS version in dom0. For details, please see our [note on dom0 and EOL](Supported releases | Qubes OS).

This announcement is also available on the Qubes website:

Five day warning… Very nice of them…

Wonderful warning. Nothing like advance notice. :confused:

Following the procedure here...

It kind of works, but there is an issue.

Trying to attach the cache space image gets the error that it is not "exposed" so I had to work around it. Perhaps due to the fact that I don't use LVM on my machine...and the install put the bulk of the available storage in /var/lib/qubes, which is NOT exposed. I don't wish to add the additional layer of LVM complication to an already encrypted system.

I have a 700gb image I used to contain a 600gb image where I collect files for archive purposes. I mount the 700gb image in dom0 at a mount point in /mnt, and create the cache image in that space to attach to which ever Qube I desire. After doing the losetup, I use the device menu to attach it to the Qube. This works.

Since I have modified the fedora-36 template to add claws-mail, gimp and dosbox-x (I use an old editor that requires it to be usable), it is best to upgrade in place after clone. I have two fedora-36 templates...one with no modifications and one with the aforementioned software additions. The unmodified one is used by sys-net, sys-firewall and such.

Qubes 4.1 with Xfce desktop, Lenovo w540.