[qubes-users] Fedora 33 approaching EOL; Fedora 34 templates available

Dear Qubes Community,

Fedora 33 is scheduled to reach EOL (end-of-life [1]) on 2021-11-30, and
new Fedora 34 templates are now available for both Qubes 4.0 and 4.1.

We strongly recommend that all Qubes users upgrade [2] their Fedora 33
templates and standalones to Fedora 34 before Fedora 33 reaches EOL.

We provide fresh Fedora 34 template packages through the official Qubes
repositories, which you can install in dom0 by following the standard
installation instructions [3]. Alternatively, we also provide
step-by-step instructions for performing an in-place upgrade [4] of an
existing Fedora template. After upgrading your templates, please
remember to switch all qubes that were using the old template to use
the new one [5].

For a complete list of template releases supported for your specific
Qubes releases, see our supported template releases [6].

Please note that no user action is required regarding the OS version in
dom0. For details, please see our note on dom0 and EOL [7].

*Note for 4.1 release candidate testers:* Qubes R4.1-rc1 already
includes the Fedora 34 template by default, so no action is required.

[1] End of life - Fedora Project Wiki
[2] Fedora templates | Qubes OS
[3] Fedora templates | Qubes OS
[4] How to upgrade a Fedora template in-place | Qubes OS
[5] Templates | Qubes OS
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This announcement is also available on the Qubes website: