[qubes-users] Failed to attach dom0 microphone: pulseaudio not running in target vm error

Hey, I would like to attach dom0:mic to a target vm that has pulseaudio-qubes package installed on it. The problem is that It says pulseaudio agent is not running in the target vm when It is. Any ideas on what could be the problem?

Also it’s worth noting that this target vm doesn’t show up under the dom0 pulseaduio audio mixer list. I don’t know why, even though it has pulseaudio-qubes installed. So alternatively, I have a cheap audio usb that I use on this target vm to get some sound. I also connect my headphones to the audio usb to record soundnin this vm. But the sound quality is bad, hissing/static noise when I’m recording. So I wanted to try using the build in dom0:mic sound card instead and see if it will make a difference. Any ideas on how I can attach dom0:mic block.

I’ve typically gotten that error when the vm hasn’t completed it’s set up process yet… If you’re being too eager, wait for it to finish booting (can verify with

systemctl status

in vm) then running

qvm-device mic attach $YOURVMNAME dom0:mic

In dom0