[qubes-users] Disposable VMs starting with a QubesIncoming folder

Since several days all my disposable VMs starting with a QubesIncoming folder (w/a personal folder and three files inside).
Guess I accidentially moved these files to whonix-
ws-15-dvm during a previous Move-to-vm command.

Question now is: how can someone remove these files and clear the -dvm VM again? Is this somethings to be done in dom0?

Cheers & Thanks for any ideas

Just start the template VM and remove the ~/QubesIncoming folder.

Thanks for the help, but a start of the template wouldn’t help, cause the /QubesIncoming folder wasn’t build there. It was build in a dvm-VM.
But found a way now. You have to start the dvm-VM via Qubes Manager and have to start a terminal via rightclick on the Q symbol in the info bar > dvm-Qube > Run Terminal.

DisposableVMs effectively have **two** templates.
There is the qube that is the template for the disposableVM - that is a
qube that has the `template_for_dispvms` property set. This is called
the DisposableVM Template.
Then there is the "normal" Template that *that* qube uses.

I think that David was suggesting you edit the qube that the
disposableVM is based on this is what you did.