[qubes-users] Desktop Install Options - Would Be Nice To Change

Hi to everyone...

I don't remember if it mentions in the installer when only picking KDE what type of KDE install this is, like; 'base' - 'core' - 'full'.

In the future it might be nice to make it so the end-user has a choice of the types of KDE install they'd like.

For right now I'm assuming this was going to be pretty much a standard KDE install but I didn't see it like that because even the kde-base apps and libs were not installed.

Also why is Natilus being installed over Dolphin? Something is wrong with that, I've personally never seen a KDE install with Natilus in it, this should be removed.

Either way, it would be nice to have some choices during the install, and if there will be no choices then please make it a typical KDE install that you see typically on most Unix/Linux systems, with the KDE apps/packages...

Thanks :slight_smile:

By default, dom0 uses KDE, but AppVMs use GNOME. I think that explains the presence of Nautilus.

Don't you mean that AppsVM use GTK based apps?

Gnome is a Desktop Environment (DE) not an application... :slight_smile:

This is still messed up, even though you use GTK applications, when you do a KDE install on a distro and you don't give the end-user a choice to pick various installs styles as I mentioned then it should be a standard KDE install.

KDE installs on distros, the end-user does not end up with something like Nautlius, you get Dolphin, the DEFAULT File Manager.

Most distros that are based around KDE as the default DE might give the end-user some GTK apps, but most it is based around QT, not GTK. The install of GTK apps however is up then to the end-user that wants these types of applications if they exist on the distro's repos to install them.

Don't you mean that AppsVM use GTK based apps?

Gnome is a Desktop Environment (DE) not an application... :slight_smile:

I think you are confused. See here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/qubes-users/2QxI0C-V1Ww/yR02aGWbxwYJ

I'm not confused as to what Gnome is, sorry for any confusion as to what I was looking at, the WORD ---> APP in the AppsVM.

AppsVM? What does Apps means in the Geek world? ----> APPLICATIONS

Sure you could break a DE down into calling it a Desktop Application but we should all know this is not really what a app is.

Go look at what the Wiki says about Software Applications; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_software

Go look at what the Wiki says about a Desktop environment; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desktop_environment

No I'm not confused about anything, if we're going to use the word APP, then let's be TECHNICALLY CORRECT as to what that means! :slight_smile:

To be honest if Gnome the actual DE is being used here then TECHNICALLY speaking there should be called a 'DeVM' and THEN the apps running under it as the AppsVM.

I don't know I guess QubeOS is trying to rewrite the book on what a DE & Apps are?

I'm sorry if I'm sitting on a KDE desktop then that is what it should be like any other typical KDE desktop based distro and Natilus has no place, UNLESS the end-user wants it.

Let's be HONEST here, as far as the geeks are concerned a lot of people have very strong feelings towards certain DEs and applications and many people, myself included LOATH Gnome and much of anything to even do with it for that matter.

So when building QubeOS you have to be careful who your target market is, are you going to try and build for anyone? Well newbies will have no clue, but if you're wanting to bring onboard a lot of Geeks from around the world then you might find this distro having a hard time gaining popularity.

Also let's not forget, Gnome 3 in the eyes of the Geek world is a BIG FLOP!

Let's also not FORGET one very BIG IMPORTANT aspect to Gnome, it's a dependency nightmare compared to KDE.

I've never seen any distro out there mix and match like this, so why really the need for QubeOS to do so?

If the end-user picks KDE for their install DE, then why can't QubeOS simply live in the world of KDE as it was meant to be? Of course as I mentioned before a lot of these distros will have GTK applications and a possibly a few gnome libs and dependencies, but no, not the ENTIRE Gnome if this is what you are talking about?

All this shows is that you didn't even bother to read http://qubes-os.org/trac/wiki/GettingStarted before dumping on the mailing list. First three sentences of the first section:

"In Qubes, you run all your programs in domains. Domains are also called AppVMs because they're implemented as lightweight virtual machines (VMs). Not every app runs in its own VM."

I'm also not sure you should go around calling yourself a "geek" when you (allegedly) can't even figure out how to subscribe to the mailing list.

I say "allegedly" because I'm pretty sure you're just running an elaborate trolling/distraction campaign. :wink:

Of course I've read about what QubeOS is...

I was only pointing out about the name 'App' is all. The name AppVM technically would imply an Application VM, hence what I was going on about Gnome...

There's no need for people getting rude towards one another, I know how to subscribe to a mail list. The way in which I'm using email Google doesn't like it is all.

No one is running any troll campaign...

Let's all try and be a little respectful towards one another on this mail list ok...


No one is running any troll campaign…

Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t mean to get rude but I posted a similar question on the 30th and now this the next day? 12 views and not a single response!!!

It’s a perverse abuse of power. This probably isn’t the place to air out these issues, but goddamn these people are insufferable. My life is a living hell.