[qubes-users] Debian 12 templates available

Dear Qubes Community,

The following new templates are now available:

*Qube OS 4.1*
- Debian 12
- Debian 12 [minimal](Minimal templates | Qubes OS)

*Qubes OS 4.2-rc1*
- Debian 12
- Debian 12 [minimal](Minimal templates | Qubes OS)
- Debian 12 [Xfce](Xfce templates | Qubes OS)

There are two ways to upgrade your template to a new Debian release:

- *Recommended*: [Install a fresh template to replace the existing one.](Debian templates | Qubes OS) *This option may be simpler for less experienced users.* After you install the new template, redo all desired template modifications and [switch everything that was set to the old template to the new template](Templates | Qubes OS). You may want to write down the modifications you make to your templates so that you remember what to redo on each fresh install. In the old Debian template, see `/var/log/dpkg.log` and `/var/log/apt/history.log` for logs of package manager actions.

- *Advanced*: [Perform an in-place upgrade of an existing Debian template.](How to upgrade a Debian template in-place | Qubes OS) This option will preserve any modifications you've made to the template, *but it may be more complicated for less experienced users.*

For a complete list of template releases that are supported for your specific Qubes release, see our [supported template releases]. Please note that no user action is required regarding the OS version in dom0 (see our [note on dom0 and EOL](Supported releases | Qubes OS)).

This announcement is also available on the Qubes website:

[supported template releases]

Link: Supported releases | Qubes OS