[qubes-users] Convert to UEFI from legacy

I dont remember the details of how i installed qubes, but I think it ended up installing in legacy mode on my uefi system.

My esp/EFI/qubes contains only :

  • fonts
  • grub.cfg
  • grubx64.efi
  • xen-4.14.3.efi
  • xen-4.14.5.efi
  • xen.efi

I am missing the xen.cfg if i understand correctly, so when i try to load xen.efi (through refind or whatnot) i get the respective “Not found” error.

My /boot however contains:

  • config-…
  • efi
  • grub2
  • initramfs-…
  • loader
  • symvers-…
  • System.map-…
  • vmlinuz-…
  • xen-4.14.5.config
  • xen-4.14.5.gz

From what i understand i need to generate the xen.cfg, and transfer some things from /boot/ to esp/EFI/qubes(initramfs, vmlinuz and maybe others). But i wanna know how to do it properly so that future updates update initramfs/vmlinuz, xen.cfg properly.