[qubes-users] Can We Change Mail List To icculus.org?

Hi guys,

I read about the switch mentioned to icculus.org over Google and I'm in favor of this as well.

Even though I have Gmail at the moment I'm tossing it out and using another email service overseas.

In order to properly use this mail list and receive the emails you need Gmail, I've already tested this, at least with the email service I was using I do not receive the emails and I have to constantly copy and paste the Subject in the Subject line of the email, then add in the email address to send an email to the list as an unscribed user, it's quite a pain to keep up with and follow.

At least with icculus.org it's an Open Source solution that we can use with any email in the world and not be stuck through a Google service.

I hope this will be highly considered and if not icculus then please find another Open Source solution you like to use.

My thoughts here are not just about the NSA, but using someone's service that has a better ideaology and better principles for Open Source than Google does.

Google is a snake! :frowning:

This is patently false. Many people using this list--myself included--do not have Gmail or Google accounts of any kind.

Well then Google doesn't like the emails I've tried using this with then, but it's not false.

And it's also not False that icculus is a better supporter of Open Source than Google will ever be.