[qubes-users] Before I switch to Qubes 4.1: get clarity on some questions

Dear List,

Qubes 4.1 has been released. Before I dare to reinstall Qubes, I would like to get clarity on the following questions:

A) If I restore the backup of a debian standalone qube from Qubes 4.0 to Qubes 4.1, will it work? Will this qube then automatically use the Qubes 4.1 repository instead of Qubes 4.0 repository after an in-place upgrade of the standalone qube from debian 10 to debian 11 in Qubes 4.1?

B) If I restore the backup of an AppVM from Qubes 4.0 to Qubes 4.1, will that work if Debian 10 is no longer available as a template in Qubes 4.1?

C) Will the firewall configuration of a restored AppVM still work in Qubes 4.1? In Qubes 4.0 I had created rules on command line according to the following pattern:

qvm-firewall untrusted add --before 0 accept proto=tcp 465

Have a great day!
Michael Singer