[qubes-users] attaching CDROM

I got a docking base with CDROM for my lenovo x230.

After connectin the base with the laptop

ls -l gives new devices cdrom and sr0

but Qubes Manager reports item “Attach/detach block devices” as shadowed, so nothing to do there.

Using the terminal

qvm-block -a dom0:sr0

gives error: invalid device name dom0:sr0

Is there a way to attach a CDROM to a VM?



Well, you can specify the cd-rom device to boot an HVM from it (see user docs), but AFAIK there's no way to just pass a cd-rom drive through to a VM by itself. (I seem to remember reading a message on here from Joanna implying that it's not possible, but maybe something has changed since then.)

Cdrom can be attached only when there is some media inside.

qvm-block -a <vm-name> dom0:sr0
but if I try to write something on the CD it keeps asking to insert CD or
DVD even if it is already inserted.

Currently xen-blkback/front doesn't support burning CD/DVD...