[qubes-users] AMD with latest Qubes - is it now "all relatively okay"?

I've bought an old AMD PC for games (AMD FX-8350 8-core 4GHz , 16Gb
RAM). It's not a laptop. Today I visited Qubes requirements page &
found it has been renewed since my last visit. It now contains more
detail on AMD requirements. So briefly speaking (I'dn't like to rewind
entire Qubes web site to get a clue) - does AMD PCs (non-laptop), at
most, work with latest Qubes ? Last time I was reviewing documentation
on AMD specifics, it was something like "we have not enough AMD
laptops to test our OS with - we don't support AMD in full yet". And
what's with AMD laptops now? Living in Russia I've generally no access
to certified hardware due to customs restrictions..

should be fine, yes. only thing to check is whether the motherboard fully supports virtualization.