[qubes-users] Adding OpenGL Support


I have been waiting to switch using Qubes OS whenever it starts providing OpenGL support. I want to use Qt and other OpenGL based applications.

What are your thoughts for future improvements to get there? How feasible is it? Could you please share your thoughts.

Thank you!


Qubes already supports openGL in AppVMS, and Qt and other applications
will work - what Qubes doesn't support is GPU virtualisation, so you will
be restricted to software based openGL, but for many Qt applications
that's good enough.

Sorry for not being clear enough. I meant hardware acceleration support for OpenGL based applications. Possibly for Vulkan support in the future as well.

Qt architecture has changed in version 6. It uses a unified rendering system that relies on OpenGL/Vulkan/DirectX/Metal as render-backed heavily. Hardware acceleration is really important for the applications I build or use.

It's mentioned in the FAQ, and is not likely to be supported.
Some people have been successful in using GPU passthrough, and you'll
find numerous threads on this list on the subject. So you may be able to
get that running to support your work.