[qubes-users] A quick survey on usage patterns?

Hi everyone,

anyone willing to share how do you use Qubes environment: tempaltes, VMs, etc?
I think besides “tinfoil hat” community many of us do still use traditional services like dropbox, g suite, signal, telegram etc.

How do you manage that? A signle VM for several apps? One VM per app? How do you print? How do you scan?

As for myself, I have several “per-project” VMs with VPNs and corporate messengers, and also a shared one with stuff like evernote and dropbox. I removed skype, webex, zoom etc from my work desktop – I use iPad for all of those. I do not even have a webcam and microphone on my work system. However, sending a link from the desktop (Qubes) to iPad is not as easy as I wish it to be, and the same applies to importing a file. You?

You can find here some user setups:

You could also share your setup there.

Reddit offers also some setups: