[qubes-users] A bug report about Salt grain

I thought to report this bug here because I do not have a Github account.
If qubes-devel is a better choice please tell me so.

Qubes OS release

Brief summary
The os Salt grain in dom0 changed from Fedora to Qubes OS. That breaks
Salt modules using the grain (one is rpm_lowpkg), and some custom states.

Steps to reproduce
Run "sudo qubesctl grains.get os".

Expected behavior
"Fedora" printed.

Actual behavior
"Qubes OS" printed.

I think that the cause of this is a change in qubes-release v4.2-0.2. The
NAME field in /etc/os-release changed to Qubes OS, but the fixup in
/srv/salt/_grains/redefined_dom0_grains.py was not updated. These grains
did not change after running sudo qubesctl saltutil.refresh_grains.
Thank you for reading.

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Thank you. I appreciate the work of you and your team.