[qubes-users] A bug report about qvm.prefs

I thought to report this bug here because I do not have a Github account.
If qubes-devel is a better choice please tell me so.

Qubes OS release

Brief summary
The qvm.prefs Salt module makes changes while in test mode.

Steps to reproduce
qvm-create --label red my-new-qube
qvm-prefs my-new-qube default_dispvm whonix-ws-dvm
sudo qubesctl qvm.prefs my-new-qube default_dispvm='' test=true
qvm-prefs my-new-qube default_dispvm

Expected behavior
"whonix-ws-dvm" printed.

Actual behavior
"" printed.

Tested on qubes-mgmt-salt-dom0-qvm 4.2.1-1.
Thank you for reading.

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