Qubes-url-redirector incompatible with 4.1 (rc2)?

Out of 3 systems, qubes-url-redirector is working on 2 4.0 systems, but not on a 4.1-rc2 system.

After installing, trying to use qubes-url-redirector by initiating a “open in disposable qube” on a link in firefox, the disposable qube will launch but never opens the disposables web browser. Also the qube will never close on its own. It just creates a running qube that does nothing but consume 4 gigs every time you click “open in disposable”.

However, opening terminal for the same VM and typing

qvm-open-in-dvm ‘https://qubes-os.org

does properly open a disposable VM, and then open the disposables webbrowser.

Does anyone know if qubes-url-redirector is incompatible with 4.1? I don’t see any mention of it being incompatible with 4.1 (which I would have expected searching to to find).

(Or even better, if you’ve got it running successfully under qubes 4.1 I’d be interested in that too)

A related message on trying to figure out if its passing the correct parameters to the qubes-rpc is:

Also, a more serious issue that happened at the same time is reported here:

I think I posted this while everyone was off for christmas and no one saw it :/. Has anyone been able to get qubes-url-redirector running successfully under 4.1?