Qubes Upgrade to 4.2 - In Place Upgrade

The Qubes OS Global Config appears to be overriding these policy files.

"Custom policy changes found. The changes below may be overwritten by existing

custom policy changes. View the files listed below to verify the existing policy:


Does this mean that 30-user.policy is the policy file that has the highest precedence?

Should I comment out this file?

/etc/qubes/policy.d → This is the directory where the policy file is located


In the directory /etc/qubes/policy.d

30-user.policy was modified as follows:

qubes.Inputkeyboard * sys-usb @adminvm allow

previously the policy was

“ask default_target sys-gpu-gui”

then changed to “sys-usb”

then changed to “allow”

Yes, it uses Xfwm by default (since the desktop environment is Xfce4 by default, and Xfce uses Xfwm as its window manager by default).

This information was discovered in the Qubes Global Config:

USB Input Devices

I have similar issues with in-place upgrading for step 1. A few qubes are giving me issues. I’m having the same problem with Whonix. I’ll just wait for the devs to address that. The other one is with my minimal template used for Brave needs the Brave GPG key updated. No idea if they have that.

I’ll have to figure out the Brave thing myself. But, are devs going to definitely address the upgrade issue with Whonix?

They have addressed it, you need to specify the updatevm that you use:

    --updatevm, -f                     Current UpdateVM defined (default 'sys-firewall').

E.g. like this if you use sys-whonix:

sudo qubes-dist-upgrade -f sys-whonix

You’ll need to do this manually.

Yeah, it still fails. I need to modify the templates to remove tor+ from sys-whonix. I’ll just wait for the devs to fix the upgrade bug.

Open an issue on github or devs won’t know about this problem: