Qubes update with error (failed to fetch some archives)

Hello. I run the update launcher and I get an error.
what am i doing wrong?

Your Update failed. Sometimes this happens. It seems like the updater was unable to reach the repositories (temporarily).

If your updates run over sys-whonix, which it looks like, make sure that it you have tor connectivitiy. Sometimes a circuit dies, so just retrying should fix that. If not, try to restart your tor over the gui and retry.

Sometimes a full reboot fixes other problems (i heard), but if not you can try the following:

  1. Start your debian-11 template and open a terminal in this qube
  2. run sudo apt update --fix-missing
  3. Stop your debian-11 template

Other command that might fix stuff: sudo apt install --fix-broken might repair other problems. Worth a try if the first command fails.

Thank you.
I will know about TOR.
In general, the most reliable way is sudo update update and for fedora - sudo dnf upgrade

So not sure if you are using updates over Tor, but if so just retrying may fix it.