Qubes Update tool immediately crashes when launching on 4.2

I can still update using the command line just fine. Is there any way I could get crash logs of the GUI update tool so I could figure out what’s going on?

Try running qvm-features dom0 updates-available 1 in the dom0 terminal and then open the update tool again.

I did this and it lets me open the update tool to run updates one time but after that it goes back to immediately crashing. I have to keep running this command if I want to open the update tool.

Issue is on github. Someone else can link

A very quick workaround would be to delete these lines:

        elif len(self.intro_page.get_vms_to_update()) == 0:

in the file updater.py L61:


It’s not a proper fix but it does the job of fixing this issue for the GUI part.
(not a proper fix because if you use the CLI command with argument it could not behave as expected)
If you use only the GUI, you will be fine with this workaround :slight_smile:


try the following steps:

  1. go to menu → Qubes Tools → Qubes Global Config
  2. under the “Updates” tab, check the option “Enable all testing updates”.
  3. launch the terminal in Dom0 and enter the following command:
  4. after the update is done, restart your computer
    5.After logging in, go to menu → Qubes Tools → Qubes Global Config
  5. under the “Updates” tab, check the option “Enable stable updates only (recommended)”.

Let us know if the problem still occurs :slight_smile:

This did not fix it unfortunately.

What message is displayed when you try to invoke a command in terminal dom0?

I enabled the testing repositories, updated dom0, and it said some updates were installed. I rebooted, switched back to the stable repos, and the update tool still crashed when I launched it.

How did you install Qubes 4.2? Did you do a “clean” installation of 4.2 or did you migrate 4.1 to 4.2?

Are the other things working on your laptop?

I did a clean install from 4.2-rc1 and have been updating ever since. Everything else has been working great on my PC up to this point. I commented out the lines szz9pza said to delete in the above post and the updater works again.

Have this same issue (also started with 4.2RC1 and been updating since) and can confirm commenting out the lines above in post by szz9pza fixes issue. This is a very noticeable bug to end users even if seems minor.

There is an open bug, any suggestion would be welcome

Marmarek already fixed it it looks like (she rules and grateful for all she has done). Don’t take any of the devs work for granted and infinitely grateful for QubesOS. Didn’t mean to sound demanding or entitled just mentioning UI bugs tend to hurt newer users the most even if granted shouldn’t be running a testing release.