Qubes-tunnel package can't be installed

The instruction text:
“Install qubes-repo-contrib package using apt-get or dnf in template. Then, install qubes-tunnel in the same way.”

First step works but sudo dnf install qubes-tunnel gives error message that package can’t be found.
Restart of Fedora-34 template OS didn’t solve it neither did dnf update.

What am I missing or doing wrong?

You can take a look at the different repos and see for yourself that it isn’t in Fedora-34 yet. 4.1-current is empty and current-testing has a few contrib-packages but not “qubes-tunnel”. You could use Fedora-33 for now until it is in the testing-repo.


You can display the packages of a repo also via CLI in a terminal:
repoquery -a --repoid=qubes-contrib-vm-r4.1-current-testing

Thanks for the clarification and suggestions!
I have a ProtonVPN working on sys-net but I also needed a separate openvpn connection to a remote training environment. As a workaround I got this working in sys-net.

Have a nice weekend!