Qubes-tunnel is very vanilla against any dpi restrictions

For example, default openvpn/wireguard vpn qube (ships from qubes-repo-contrib) can be easily detected on dpi firewall as protocol and there is no any chance to establish connection (handshake initial or connection reset) with server. See China/Iran/Russia/Brazil and etc.
There’s is no ipsec libre swan qube. Most people use guide from Mullvad but on some ISPs, access to mullvad servers was wiped out in just 24 hours. Vanilla Openvpn/Wireguard is not good in 2023.
So if anybody can help to make more complex vpn qube solution (xtls v2ray, tls, shadowsocks; tcp over udp, not usual ports (53,443j, also connect via bridges , integrate dpi fooling / goodbye dpi and modify iptables). That would be great